Ella House.

takes residence inside five beautiful period houses, at 39-43 Merrion Square. To support your modern business, we are creating a world-class flexible workplace destination that offers comfort, beauty, and a deep sense of heritage.

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Merrion Square Park

As a resident of Ella House, you’ll enjoy the leafy green spaces of Merrion Square Park, marvel at its chameleon colours, and feel invigorated by the cultural and community events that take place there throughout the year.

Why we named it Ella House

Why we named it Ella House

Dr. Ella Webb (1877–1946), Ireland’s first female anaesthetist, worked in one of our houses – No. 40 Merrion Square. Dr. Ella was a medical trailblazer, tireless advocate for children’s health, and courageous volunteer. During the worst of the 1916 Easter Rising, she quickly turned No. 40 into an emergency hospital, saving many lives. In memory of the pioneering spirit of her life and her work, we are proud to name Ella House after her.