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Fernando Llort

Fernando Llort Gallery(El Salvador) Fernando Llort was born on April 7th 1949 in San Salvador, son of Baltasar Llort and Victoria Choussy. He studied architecture at the University of El Salvador and later went to France to study philosophy. After France, Fernando Llort moved to Belgium to study theology. It was in a foreign land that he developed and capitalized on his cultural identity through his artwork. At the end of his stay in Europe, he went to Louisiana to study art.

El Arbol de DiosOn his return to San Salvador he found political and cultural changes taking place as a precursor to the civil war in El Salvador. To get away from all this chaoes he decided to find peace in the mountains of La Palma in the northern part of El Salvador. It was in this town that he started a shop called "La Semilla de Dios" or the God's seed, where he would teach the locals to make colorful paintings using symbols that represented El Salvador. Llort continued to develop his style of art and would eventually open up the Center for Integral Development, an art school for anyone who wanted to learn about art.

La Palma boxDuring the early eighties, he moved from La Palma back to San Salvador where he started a shop called "El Arbol de Dios"or God's tree, where you can see his paintings and beautifully designed pottery. The 'seed' that he planted in La Palma has also grown throughout the years to become 'God's Tree' since the locals took Llort's teachings and make a living now by making beautifully designed wooden crafts. Llort still cares to visit La Palma to advise and present the people on new ideas and designs.

Fernando Llort married Estela Chacón de Llort who gave him three children: Juan Pablo, María José, and Ángel Fernando. His artistic style is well known in El Salvador as well as internationally. Unfortunately, he now suffers from Parkinson's disease which has reduced the number of original paintings available by this great artist.

He is the most well-known Salvadoran artist. His international exhibitions are:

  • Individual Exhibitions
    • 1 9 6 8 Individual Exhibition, Toulouse, France.
    • 1 9 7 8 Neiman Marcus, Newport Beach, California
    • 1 9 7 9 Galería El Dzunun, Guatemala
    • 1 9 8 0 Galería Summa Artes, México
    • 1 9 8 1 Galería Summa Artes, México
    • 1 9 8 1 Gallery Miami, USA
    • 1 9 8 2 Tosta Gallery, Coconut Grove, Miami, USA
    • 1 9 8 3 Forma Gallery, USA
    • 1 9 8 6 The Line of Art Representatives, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
    • 1 9 8 7 Gallery de Paix, Kobe, Japan
  • Group Exhibitions
    • 1 9 7 6 Casa Internacional, New Orleans-USA
    • 1 9 7 6 Phipps Plaza, Atlanta-USA
    • 1 9 7 7 Ibero Club, Bonn-Germany
    • 1 9 7 9 Galería Summa Artis, México
    • 1 9 8 1 Brickell Bay Club, Miami-USA
    • 1 9 8 5 Museo de Arte Hispánico Contemporáneo, New York
    • 1 9 8 6 Festival Latinoamericano, Bonn-
    • 1 9 8 7 I Bienal Latinoamericana de pintura, Cuenca-Ecuador
  • Private Collections
    • Museum of the White House, USA
    • The Vatican, Rome
    • Museum of Iberoamerican Art, New York
    • United Nations building, USA
    • Don Juan Carlos, King of Spain
    • Ronald Reagan, USA
    • Margaret Thatcher, UK
    • Pierre Cardin Collection, France
    • Many others...



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